I need tips for the best method of removing tile.

Basically I've got ceramic tile, on top of thin set, on top of linoleum(!), on top of whatever subfloor they put in basic suburban starter homes circa 1985.

Issue #2 is that instead of tiling under the toilet, they thin-set mortared around it to make it level with the surrounding tiles. So the toilet is actually cemented to the floor at this point. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

As for the tile, some guy here mentioned using an orbital sander to get the thin set mortar off (after chipping the tiles away first with a hammer and chisel I presume). Is there a simpler method given that it's on linoleum? I've built and fixed a number of things, but I've never really demolished anything (intentionally that is (ha)) except for old furniture.

And then what about the toilet? Remove the tank and vacuum or pump out the water, then sledge it? Or try to crack it apart from the mortar? I really have no idea. Also, would it be a bad idea to do the toilet last (because it might break apart from the vibrations of removing the tile)? I wanted to take my time with all this and still use the toilet if possible.