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Thread: Grinder Pump causing Basement Leak?

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    Default Grinder Pump causing Basement Leak?

    I bought a house (ranch on a basement) and have lived here for a few months now.

    The previous owners installed a grinder pump system and then moved, so I was pretty much the first one to ever use it. The Grinder Pump company came out, serviced it, and everything checked out.

    Only one of the rooms in the basement is finished (with carpet). I set some cardboard boxes along the wall (next the the foundation where the grinder pump is located), only to find them molding on the bottom after some time. I ripped up the carpet and found that the base of the wall on the floor was damp.

    I've watched the dampness for awhile. Rain, laundry (it's in the basement), shower, flushing toilets never made it less or more. It's just always damp.. Until today.

    After doing some laundry, I went down to transfer it into the dryer only to find standing water halfway into the room. I could hear water running in the wall. I checked the grinder pump outside (it was running), and could hear running water in the escape valve. Nothing was coming out. I located the noise to my master bathroom (the toilet was running). I fixed the toilet and decided to turn off the water to that specific toilet just in case that's the cause.

    I did another load of laundry. Nothing.

    What are the chances that the cause of the dampness is the master bath/toilet plumbing? I'm not quite sure how my grinder pump connects everything within the house. I plan to not use that specific bathroom, watch the usual damp place, and see if it is indeed the culprit.

    I have the grinder pump company coming out tomorrow, but they've already hinted that it's not them that's the problem (of course).

    Any ideas if my guess is correct? The drywall around the dampness is completely fine. The only thing that's damp/moist is the concrete floor along the molding in one area of the basement.

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    You're saying the pump is outside? Do you have a sump hole & pump in the basement? How far is the Grinder pump pumping?

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