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Thread: advice on wire gauge for built in oven

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtcummins View Post
    I believe it has been asked several times what brands you like to use, as many of us have had bad experiences. Maybe the brand and its associated build quality is one of the issues... what do you recommend?
    go back and read post 35

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwelectric View Post
    I have a question and don’t know but one way to ask it but don’t mean to sound insulting.
    Are you so na´ve as to think that the receptacles are made at one place and the breaker is made at another?
    Depending on what brand you are buying both are made here in the good ole USA and some of both of them are made elsewhere.
    Only the average ignorant instantly convert debates into insults.

    Never got near to the N word in my life. After extensive research, It appears every grade of GFCI receptacle comes out of Asia now. Perhaps the military makes some for themselves under contract.

    The common breakers are NAFTA items, using many US components and monitoring, and coming our of Mexico. I suspect some of the breakers may still be made in the USA.

    GFCI breakers are just commodities now, and as such can be counterfeited and made poorly, because the government is too busy looking for pot farms instead of opening containers at the ports and TESTING something crucial to life and limb.

    Remember "death and electricity"? It's a ripe category for it.

    http://www.grainger.com/Grainger/HUB...B85?Pid=search HUBBEL - CHINA - COMMERCIAL

    And here is a 150$ Mexican breaker - Purely corporate greed.


    NOW, to make this all a real conumdrum, here is a USA GFCI breaker for 1/5th of the import: this is likely why your refrigerators stay on:


    If GE can make a profit on this, they can make the $158$ one here too, so that your budding electricians have some customers with teeth and houses.

    And at the risk of boring you with "patriotism" here is a USA breaker for $8.75. This should make one support the guys trying to block the ports imports. We CAN do it here:

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