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Thread: Burnham Alpine 80 Display

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    Default Burnham Alpine 80 Display

    I've installed a Burnham Alpine 80 and the installation went flawlessly. The boiler powered up, the boiler pump started, the system pump pump started, the boiler low fired and the house heated up. The display did not come on though. I followed the troubleshooting guide furnished with the boiler and I have low and high voltage between the transformer, Sage 2 and the display. The local vendor furnished a new display and a power ignitor connector which I replaced per directions along with relocating some wiring in the access drawer. Burnham doesn't appear to have an accessible technician like Weil McLain and others that you can call and discuss your problem and I fell like the vendor is just "hanging parts". Has anyone else had this problem and better yet a solution?

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    How much experience do you have with Burnham boilers?
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