Hi Everyone,

Ill try to keep this short and sweet. Had a 25 year old toilet that developed a leak between the tank and bowl. Replaced the flapper, but the plastic was very britle to work with and the leak was worse after the new flapper was installed. Sorry, I don't know the name of the flapper but it wasn't a "hook on" kind it was one that kind of "snapped" in place.

Regardless, I thought I'd replace the whole unit. By the time I replaced parts, and put in new gaskets I was going to be part way there anyway.

So I put in a new unit and have the SAME PROBLEM!! Is there ANYTHING that could be "common" between the two installs that could cause this issue or is it possible that I just got a dud of a replacement unit? Ive disconnected the water line to try to take that out of the equation (not that I think it'd matter anyway)

Any information is GREATLY appreciated. Thanks so much.