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Thread: Water trickles into bowl & can't shut off water

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    Default Water trickles into bowl & can't shut off water

    Water has been trickling into the bowl in little streams. The whole fill valve assembly is less than a year old. I noticed the water level (see Pencil Mark in jpg) was higher than it had been and started to work on adjusting the fill valve to see if that was the problem but realized that the water kept coming out of the "neck" of the fill valve. Tightening the cap doesn't help.

    See: http://tinyurl.com/3par5

    I turned the stop valve competely off, but the water kept coming into the tank. I figured I had to replace a washer in (or all of) the stop valve. I went outside and turned off the water to the house at the side of the house, but it won't turn off the water all the way. I haven't tried to get to the cut off in the front yard because now I'm wondering if our water pressure regulator has failed and that there out water pressure is too high. We've been having a problem with the kitchen sink faucet leaking at the base despite replacing every part inside it. Would high pressure cause these problems?

    Or are the leaky kitchen faucet, defective water shut off valves and fill valve independent problems? The house is five years old, the toilets are Cranes and the one that is leaking is on the second floor.
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