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Hey Bob,

It has been a while.

I still build electronics but I design my own stuff.

You know that building a V7A and TT1 makes You a old Fart.

I am a old fart also. I still have my tube tester.

Being a old fart is better than letting a wet fart.

I missed the forum but I am back.

I hope that you were able to keep everything under control why I was gone.

Nice to here from you.

The Pros still say the old tube amps sound better that the new solid state amps.

I used my Collins KWS1 to heat my room in the winter.

You got to Love the smell of the old tube stuff, when it is cranked up.

Enjoy your day, I am back to play.


I actually enjoy it here. I'm almost an old fart, but mentally, just a teen