Just here asking your opinions and advice. I am not a plumber or DIYer ... we have just completed 2 bathroom renovations and all has gone reasonably well until final installation of products ... I posted regarding toilet issues on other forum ... in this case our 'new' plumber put our showerhead arm in and attached a diverter with hand shower and regular showerhead ... he brought out some 'silicone lubricant' (that's what he called it) ... I was present to ask him about it and he said that it would make the washers inside the shower attachments last longer ... all sounded fine but it really smelled like petroleum and was a vaseline like yellow substance ... I asked if it was toxic at all ... he said no ... completely harmless ... since the smell was so strong I have googled it (it has since settled ... you can only smell it if you get up close to the joining sections) just to see what this product was ... am I correct that the plumber used the wrong stuff ? (silicone grease should be colorless and odorless?) Is my shower/hand shower safe to use? .... with the kids? .... I feel like I need to take off what he installed and put something else on in its place ... can my new items be cleaned up? ... Im so frustrated with feeling like I have to become an expert on everything ... when I hire someone I want to be able to trust that they are doing things right ... anyway ... let me know what you think and what I can do (if I need to do anything) to remedy this.