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Well, I just purchased a new Kenmore Fridge and hooked up the water connection, and I can get water out of the front but I am not getting any water into the ice maker. I know it says you need between 40-120 psi of pressure and I don't know what the pressure is once a Softener system with a RO is installed. I also don't know if the pre-filter at the RO system which supplies the water to the fridge might be causing my problem. The wife is ready to chop off my head since all the problems we have had with everything now.
Well, the fridge did make ice cubes and either Kenmore has really missed the boat by only allowing the ice maker to make small cubes or the RO is not getting enough water into the ice cube molds. My wife is resorting to using ice trays to get the ice cubes she likes. Never, ever, go buy a fridge without taking your wife. I will never hear the end of things about the fridge. :-)