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Thread: Buderus Logano G115 boiler showing "burner error"

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    Default Buderus Logano G115 boiler showing "burner error"

    We've got a Buderus G115 that was installed shortly before we moved in a few months ago. My wife noticed this evening that we lost hot water and when I checked the boiler, the display showed 'burner error' and the [incorrect] time was flashing. As per the manual, I pressed the reset button, but that did nothing. I put in a call to the tech that has serviced this house in the past and he suggested that I shut it off for 5 minutes and then try again, and told me to call him back then. I left him voice mail, but I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to manually run hot water in the meantime (it's Sunday evening and I'm not expecting a call back at this point). The owner's manual seems to be pretty vague about these error codes. I also switched it to manual mode, as per the manual, but I'm not sure what that does.
    Anything I should check for?


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    Update: I realized that there is an additional reset button at the bottom of the boiler. Pressing THAT one (as opposed to the small green reset button under a cap below the display) got me up and running again.

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