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Thread: "reel" for BX cable?

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    Default "reel" for BX cable?

    Hey guys- I know someone must have an idea on how to work neatly/efficiently with BX cable. The scenario is, I had 250 ft of 12/2 BX cable, and needed ~60 feet of it. There are 3 heavy guage zip ties on the reel (from H.D.), which I didn't want to cut because the whole thing would become unwound, and a big mess. So, I would pu ll the end through the ziptie, then the next, then the next, and repeat. This is ok for short cable lengths, but becomes a pain when I work with longer cable.

    Is there any type of cable reel I can buy, or build, that can hold the cable, and supply it when I just pull on the cable? I suppose it would have to hold the other end of the cable to prevent the whole thing from, unwinding. I know the idea is simple, I'm thinking about how I can build one, maybe from cast iron pipes/elbows, etc. Or would it be easier to buy one? please advise, thanks!

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    Much, much easier to buy one, and a lot lighter than one made from cast iron pipe and elbows. They make them to reel out while laying on the floor, and also to fasten vertically to the walls.
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    It is a cable spinner. You can buy it at any electrical supply house. Its not worth it if you are only going to use it occasionally (IMO anyway). Cut the zip ties, unroll whatever you need, and then you are done then get out your 69 cent a roll of electrical tape and wrap the tape back around the spots the zip ties were to hold the roll together.


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