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Thread: Direct Vent Stove Install/Ansi Rating

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    Default Direct Vent Stove Install/Ansi Rating

    I have a used Free Standing Gas Stove that I'm looking to install in my basement. I spoke to the inspector on the phone today asking about permits needed and during the conversation he asked if the stove was UL certified or if it has a ANSI or ASTM rating. I didn't have the info at the time but this evening I looked and noticed that the manual says that it is tested and listed to ANSI Z21.88-1998. Does anyone know if the fact that it was tested to an older ANSI standard might cause problems with the inspection? I have to assume that it's not completely uncommon to have an older stove/furnace installed. I realize I'll have to talk to the inspector again before I hook it up, but any feedback is appreciated. Just want to get all of my ducks in a row before moving forward with the install.

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    I believe there is only a few difference in terms of the standards of UL and ANSI so you should be fine. They are just after the new standards when they call of course.
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