Well, I am about as regular as one person can get... I got my pen out.
I want a check for... 100,000 or any amount, lol. I like this. I will split with Terry, we are buds.


....Imagine you wrote a letter to the White House to share your personal struggle and instead of receiving a form letter in return, President Obama cut you a check.

It's happened, and more than once, according to Washington Post reporter Eli Saslow's new book "Ten Letters: The Stories Americans Tell Their President." Fellow Post reporter Nia-Malika Henderson writes Friday on a surprising excerpt from Saslow's book:

A few times during his presidency, Obama admitted, he had written a personal check or made a phone call on the writer's behalf, believing that it was his only way to ensure a fast result. "It's not something I should advertise, but it has happened," he told [Saslow]. Many other times, he had forwarded letters to government agencies or Cabinet secretaries after attaching a standard, handwritten note that read: "Can you please take care of this?"