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Thread: Is this portable generator hook-up OK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by leejosepho View Post
    Correct, and now think of the lineman working out at the street and he comes over to ask you to stop your generator while he repairs things at the pole. The only way you are going to convince him there is absolutely no way for your generator to injure him is by turning it off. He is not going to ask, care about or come in to see anything else for himself. My point is not that you are doing anything dangerous, but that you will never convince everyone else it is safe.
    I can certainly understand that and would oblige them by turning it off.

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    I think you need to keep in mind that lineman generally work on live wires at the pole and at your service connection.

    Primary side....above the transformers in a residential area around here is 12,500volts leg to leg I do believe....7,200 single leg to ground. There are usually fuses on the primary side but not on the secondary..... A heck of a lot of current is available there and it still amazes me to see what that can do if it shorts to ground.....I recently found an area on a concrete driveway that a secondary drop came down on when something severed the cables across a highway near my home. I was jogging.......The concrete was chattered deeply as if an air hammer did it and it was black-end and some of the material around it literally turned to glass....I scooped some up and saved it.....

    Of course having 2 live voltage sources being potentially connected is a big danger and not something they would expect to have happen as they were working....but then if you had energized your houses service and it fed back up to the pole you really have created a bad situation....
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    I think it was here in this forum where someone said a lineman once insisted a generator be stopped even though the homeowner had a code-compliant switch completely isolating it from the regular service.
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