I'm looking for some middle ground between running extension cords to my portable generator vs. a transfer switch. Please let me know if you see any downside to this hookup: (1) 15-foot L14-30 cable from 7500W generator to 30A outside inlet box; => (2) 50' 10 gauge/4 conductor cable to female L14-30R receptacle (or box mount the female receptacle); => (3) Y-adapter with male L14-30R plug that splits into 2 120V 20A receptacles. The main things I want to power (2 sump pumps and a fridge) are within 20 feet of each other in the basement, so there would be minimal need for extension cords to plug into the Y-adapter.

If I decide to install a transfer switch in the future, I would already have the 50' run to the electrical panel, so the only wasted components would be the female L14-30R and the Y-adapter.

Two questions: (a) With this set-up, will I need to ground the generator outside?; (b) Is there any way to skip the Y-adapter and simply create 2 120V receptacles from the 10/4 cable? (I read something about not wanting to share the neutral, but not sure how the y-adapter wires this safely).

Thanks for your help.