This is probably less of a water softener question and a little bit more of a water treatment question. We've had our water lab tested and the results came back that we don't technically need to treat it with anything but the water when coming out of the bath faucets into the bathtubs appears a rusty color. I'm assuming this is iron. It also builds up in the toilets. We had it tested for iron but it came back at a level not requiring treatment but we'd like to treat it to remove the color.

Here are the results from the water test
Harndess 164 mg/l CaCO3
Alkalinity 176 mg/l CaCO3
Conductivity 336 umhos/cm
pH 8.05 std units
Saturation Index 0.1 Corrosivity Balanced
Nitrogen-Nitrate/Nitrite 6.5 mg/l N
Chloride 14.2 mg/l
Iron 0.148 mg/l

According to the infomration sent back from the lab nothing here requires treatment. We would just like to reduce the appearance of the rust colored water. Everything about the water tastes and smells fine. We would like to treat this ideally without softening the water. The water is not naturally hard and would prefer not to soften it further unless this is the only way to remove the buildup of the iron. Would love to hear your thoughs on our options. It seems like something like an iron curtain might be overkill.

Thanks for your help!