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Thread: Sprinkler zone not working

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    Default Sprinkler zone not working

    I have a hunter sprinkler system and my zone 4 isn't working. I've put my multimeter on the com wire
    and on my timer wire at the control box and I'm getting 24-25 volts. Then I go to the valves and put the multimeter on the wires at the valve solenoid and I get 24-25 volts, now when I hook all the wires up to the solenoid the volts drop to 0. I don't understand, I get power at the control box, so the wires under
    ground get power at the valves, but when I hook them all up no power. Please somebody help this is
    driving me nuts!!!!!

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    I would contact Hunter with the problem but is sounds like the solenoid is engaging and thus the voltage drop.


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