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I think we should let them go bankrupt and then let the food riots sweep across Europe. With any luck thousands and thousands will die of starvation and then the rotting corpses will breed disease that will kill off the rest of them. I don't believe in giving anyone help. Screw them all, every man for himself. Let's all stop paying taxes altogether and dump this republic in favor of a dictatorship or better yet anarchy. We don't need police or fire protection or schools for our kids and the garbage can pile up in the streets and all those municipal employees at the water & sewer department can let the crap flow freely in the streets. Our highways are in tough shape anyways so let them go too. I hate paying taxes so some guy can lean on a shovel all day on my dime. Let's get rid of all those damn bureaucrats and turn them into the streets penny less to fend for themselves, Hell, there's plenty of jobs around for those willing to work for pennies. So yea, no more taxes, It's mine all mine, mine, mine...........Doooooooh
And how, Mr. Sawyer, would using taxpayer money help the situation with Greece and Italy? By reimbursing/subsidizing their bondholders? Is that prudent? Or is it by paying for a system which provides for a government paid pension at age 50 and the month of August off? Do we not have a moral obligation to improve the situation and not to just subsidize it and allow the problem to perpetuate?

By putting limits on social benefits we avoid an incentive to remain impoverished and dependant. And by subsidizing and requiring education and job programs we will promote a work ethic, although for some it may be too late on this point.