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Thread: clear glass toilet

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    Default clear glass toilet

    can anyone please tell me where i could find a clear glass toilet
    i know someone was looking for one in 2001 thru this board i wonder
    what happened

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    Default yuck!

    I do not know of any manufacturer who would go into production to create just one clear toilet, especially since it would have to be glass, or more likely, clear plastic. The demand would obviously be low, possibly only one sale a century that the cost would be exhorbitant. You would probably have to have a custom fabricator create one and unless he/she had very sophisicated equipment, it would probably not meet the sanitation codes for toilets. It is also not the type of fixture that lends itself to streaming video.

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    Default RE: yuck!

    "It is also not the type of fixture that lends itself to streaming video."

    I'm still laughing as I type this

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    No, but "steaming" video might work...


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