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    Default cell phone charger

    I just got a new phone. I use Tracfone, and got the $19.95 special, so while it is "new" this is an older model. It is a Samsung model SGH-T245G. It did not come with a cable to charge in the vehicle, so I wanted to buy one. Neither Samsung or Tracfone offer any accessories for this model any more. I found on line what I thought was the correct one. It is a generic SAM T209. But the connector to the phone is different. I don't even know what you call these. Both look like a thin version of USB, but the one that actually fits the phone is a wee scocie bit wider and not as thin as what came on the T209 charger.

    SO....is there such a thing as an adapter between these gizmos???

    By the way...I am out a whole 15 cents for the one I bought, so no biggy there!
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