We live in Arizona - very hard water. We installed a whole house water softener about 5 years ago. Don't want to mention the brand name. The issue is that after the automatic cleaning, the water that comes from the faucet is black. We feel we are having to run the faucets longer each month until the water turns clear again. We have it serviced annually and there is never any issue. The company is telling us it's just carbon dust that has been mixed up and not flushed properly. Our water pressure at the house is probably around 60...semi-rural area of Phoenix. The first two years after the installation we never had black water...now it seems it's getting worse. The sediment in the toilet tanks is very fine like a dust. The bowls get stained and require a pumice stone to remove the stains. We are wondering, what is this doing to our appliances and clothes?
Is this normal, or are we being fed a line of................?
Thank you.