I took a look at this forum before I posted a new topic. I could not find a recent question like this one so I thought I might be safe throwing this out there.

We're getting ready to replace our heat pump (Rheem) and heat/air handler system (Lennox) with a more efficient system that uses the new refrigerant. The Lennox appears to be the original to the 2800 square foot house in Cleveland, OH which was built in 1977. The heat pump is not the original unit and must have been replaced a while back. It is only a 10 seer. The units both work but they do not seem very efficient. We owned this home for only a portion of this past winter and the electric bills were quite high when using this air handler. We didn't have to use it for cooling much over the summer as the house is surrounded by large trees and was generally cool enough.

We've asked for quotes from a couple of local contractors and received pricing on the following brands for a 4 ton system:

American Standard

The prices we've received placed Trane and Rheem at the most expensive and Bryant as the least expensive.

We wanted to ask for input from the readers here to gauge your experience with these brands and the names of any others that are worth investigating. Since this home is all electric and we don't have the option of using oil, propane or natural gas - we'd like to get a bead on the brand(s) that folks have consistently had the best experience.

Any feedback is appreciated.