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Thread: New Lochinvar Knight install

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    Default New Lochinvar Knight install

    I got a lot of help from this forum as well so posting my DIY install.

    WBN081 feeding 3 zones, third zone added to replace pellet stove in 1/2 finished basement.
    Hot water via a 60,000 btu heat exchanger piped into the electric 80 gallon water heater. Taco bronze pumps water through a 16 plate SS heat exchanger from the bottom of tank to the top (enters from drain andexits at T&P valve), hot water from boiler enter other side of heater exchanger to warm water. Electric aquastat set at 120 F. Aquastat for boiler set at 150 (tank rated for 160 max) Hot water working better then i had expected, greater recovery time.
    Circuit added for the pumps and pump controller, boiler and condensate pump on their own circuit.
    Runs on LP
    Vented where old gross power vent for oil boiler was

    Some things reused from old boiler.....air vent, taco 007 (now for hot water) and expansion tank.

    One odd thing.... town inspector stated no LWCO needed as the flow/pressure and hi-temp cut out built into the boiler provide the needed protection..?

    Pics not great as i dont have a very wide lens (17mm)Name:  DSC_0160.jpg
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