I have a question about water hammer and their location.

I live in a house I built myself 10 years ago in a very remote location. And, the remoteness causes issues with contractors as they do not like to drive to my house. I had a difficult time getting contractors to bid on my house 10 - 11 yrs ago, and since then it has been very difficult to get folks to come and work on things. So, I tend to do most everything myself.

One of the issues I have is my plumbing, and the issues started with the plumbing contractor I hired 11 yrs ago. I have slowly started correcting some of the plumbing issue with the 1 - 2 guys who initially came up her, but now will not due to the remoteness. They state they can do 2 - 3 jobs in the time it takes to come to my place, start work, realize they left something or forgot something, go get it, and then come back.

My big issue now is water hammer that has been going on for years and is getting worse.

We are on a well that pumps into a 3,000 gallon stainless steel storage tank outside the house. Then a 220v jet pump in the mechanical room in the house will turn on when the 80 gallon pressure tank requires water. The jet pump "sucks" the water out of the 3,000 gallon tank and fills the 80 gallon pressure tank with water under pressure. This is like a well pump that is connected straight to a pressure tank, without a storage tank between the well & pressure tankl. The well pump itself forcecs / supplie water under pressure, to the pressure tank. There is a one-way back-flow preventer valve on the water supply line into the house. Once the jet pump kicks / shuts off there is a TREMENDOUS water hammer...it is so loud and right now the lights have started to dim when the pump shuts off. It is getting worse.

Where could I put a water hammer arrester to prevent this from occurring...immediately / right where the water enters the jet pump? I could put a tee and vaertical pipe right there.

Before the backflow preventer, meaning before the water 1st passes thru the back-flow preventer?

Or, just after the back-flow preventer, which would be about 10' feet and one 90 degree elbow before the jet pump?

And, which specific water hammer arrester would you suggest? The water supply piping is 1" copper.

And, hmmm...I am starting to think the water hammer 1st started after a back-flow preventer was installed.....the original plumber did not install one and that was one of the "fixes" on of the subsequent plumbers did. Hmmm...is it possible the back-flow preventer is the cause, whereas before the pressure would just force the water back thru the pipes into the 3,000 gallon storage tank? I just don't remember there being a water hammer issue when we 1st moved in. I never made this connection before. Do you think the back-flow preventer could be the cause and not allowing the pressure any place to go? If it is, I am thinking now the arrester should go immediately before the jet pump. Wow..memory after turning 50 is not like it used to be..LOL

Thanks for the help.