I have propane heat. It breaks my bank every winter. The ductwork under my house in the crawlspace is the old sheet metal type. I want to insulate it to possibly help the system run more efficiently. What concerns me is that sometimes in the summer condensation can build up on the duct work when it is really hot and the ac is blowing. I want to avoid mold buildup on the insulation material I use. What do I need to know about the insulation material I use?
Next question is pipe related. I have copper pipes under the house. If I insulate them, I only have to insulate the hot water lines right? (frozen pipes are pretty much unheard of down here)
Last, the water heater is under the house. It is the lowboy type b/c the crawlspace is only 3 feet there. Is it really worth wrapping the heater with insulation?
I am always grateful for the advice given here.