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Thread: WOW, what a movie!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ballvalve View Post
    At least no one has put a Brad Pitt movie in here.

    I was building a big backyard and concrete spa in Hollywood, and Brad Pit was my hoddie and hole digger for a few weeks - was my brothers houseboy. [better not go there] Never met such a slow going phony in my life. Just wish I could find the pictures with him and a shovel. I doubt he's using his shovel except to move his gold eagles in the basement now.
    The Assassination of Jesse James was pretty interesting. I spent some time in MO, and saw the James Farm, and the graves. See if you can find the pics they would be interesting to see, if you can. At the farm, they reenacted the night when the Pinkerton's by horses, had thrown the fire bomb into the farm, injuring their mom, and killing little Archie, if I remember right. I was mugged in MO, at a McDonalds.
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    Good movie= George of the Jungle. Really funny! ( made in 1997)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    What a feud! I am shocked both families are not wiped out. I missed the beginning so I have no idea what really started it or who. Does anyone know?
    No, really Cookie, the Hatfields and McCoys are at peace today, and they have married into each other's family. It all started when they thought it was intentional poisoning that was killing off family members, but it was later found out that they had settled on land that was used for copper mining or something and the groundwater was poisoned by ther metals. Believe it or not, a recent episode of the TV show "Bones" was based on their story.Bones is one of my favorite TV shows. Can't wait till the new season starts
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    I didn't know that. That was one huge battle between the families, kind of makes my family pales in comparison. I will have to try to catch, Bones.

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    The Doctor.
    The book, A taste of my own medicine.

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    Watched a movie on HBO tonite called, Roomates. Peter Falk played in it, good movie, but a tear-jerker. Your wives will love it.... you will hate it, lol. FIlmed in Pittsburgh, lots of filmage of the city was neat to see.

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    Here is a movie that will catch your attention. Made in 1995, with Jeff Goldblum, called, The Powder. Made me think of my high school days when, they thought I had cheated on an IQ test; and, LOL and, I had to do it again. Oh, the humanity.

    It is a good movie. Well written, directed, and acting is superb. Story line is very different and interesting. I recommend it.


    Powder is a 1995 film directed by Victor Salva, about a boy, nicknamed "Powder," with incredible intellect, telepathy, and paranormal powers. It stars Sean Patrick Flanery in the title role, with Jeff Goldblum, Mary Steenburgen, Bradford Tatum, Lance Henriksen, and Brandon Smith in supporting roles. The film questions the limits of the human mind and body while also displaying our capacity for cruelty; it raises hope that humanity will advance to a state of better understanding.
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    Alright, if that movie didn't float your boat I got another. How ironic that I was asked to go rock climbing just yesterday at the Laurel Highlands, and here I am watching, a movie, which if my broken finger didn't influence my decision, this movie certainly, did. The Canyon.

    As usual, I didn't see the beginning but, I can tell you the middle & ending will have you gripping onto your seat.

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    Now, if that movie doesn't satisfy you or meet your needs there is another one, actually, which takes place in Terry's neck of the woods. Seattle. It is called, Sleepless in Seattle. It is a sad movie with a happy ending. Shows lots of places in Seattle for those who haven't seen Seattle. Like me. There is a fish market there I would love to see along with the Space Needle. How ironic it was the last place my husband traveled to, did business in, and, I was supposed to go too, but, work prevailed. He really liked Seattle.

    Now, I have seen this movie many times, and for those of you who have not, I would recommend it. Sad, but, if anyone lost their spouse like I did, it gives a small inspiration, a small hope, that you will find that certain someone again for a second chance of love and happiness. Magic, you will find magic.

    Watch this movie, this chick flick, with a pizza, a pop, and a box of tissues.
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    If you got a hour and some to spare and don't care wasting some of it, watch the movie, Basic with John Travolta. It is so twisty and confusing, it holds your attention because you just want to see what "twist" comes next. I won't watch it again, I am feeling dizzy.

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    If you are an older person, let's say my age, what age is that? Well, if you are in your 50's or 60's, this movie is for you.
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    It makes me want to buy an RV and drive around it just to bug the insensitive people in this world. Great movie. Some offensive nudity shots, lol.

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    In the movie, Hachi: A Dog's Tale, it shows that animals do grieve. I met with that when Tim died with his Bob the Cat. Bob stopped eating and drinking. How he knew this time was different than so many other times, the trips for months he would gone, even overseas, I don't know, but, Bob knew. He would sit on the window sill at 5 and wait. Then, he went to his box, and wouldn't come out. I was going to start him on IV's when, this one day, I was holding my husband's wallet, and decided for some reason to put it under his nose. There his eyes opened up, his ears stood up, and I put his wallet under Bob's pillow. And, there it stayed for the next 2 years. He fell asleep with it every night. Bob and I had a talk, and, I told him, I missed him too. Together Tim's cat, Bob & I sat. Bob turned 24 in January. I guess you could say he is my Hachi.

    This movie is based on fact a real dog named Hachi, who waited on his buddy for 9 years at the train station, until, his death in 1934.

    I take care of Tim's cat for him. But, I can tell the difference in him to this day. He still looks and waits and listens for his voice. I went to Aldi's today and got him a new box and he showed little interest in it.

    If you haven't seen the movie, and you love animals, and don't mind crying a bit, it is a great movie.

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    Alright, another sleepless night and instead of watching, the acclaimed, Sleepless in Seattle, I watched another surprisingly, good movie. The People Vs. Larry Fylnt. It is an older movie, made in 1996. Woody Harrleson from Cheers is really good in it. Did it make me want to go out and buy a Hustler? Nah... lol. but, the guy certainly, had or has an interesting life. Would I watch it again? I will pass, but, it was interesting to see once. Recommended movie to see on my list.

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    YIKES. If you want to watch a movie where you won't move even if the house is burning down, catch, Stephen King's, Bag of Bones.

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    Another good movie to watch. Jumping the Broom, definitely, a chick flick with a 4 star rating from most reviews. Why do I watch these movies and then, sit and cry? Oh... I am a chick. A good movie to bring home for movie night.

    Waiting for, The Sessions, in October.
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