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Thread: WOW, what a movie!

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    Default WOW, what a movie!

    I never moved from this movie. But, I could never ever watch it twice because it is so unnerving I would need sedatives. Wow, it is based on fact and truth. What a life to live. The ending is incredible. This movie is NOT good for your health, I won't sleep tonite. It keeps you on the edge. It shows, their really is good in all people.

    It is, The Pianist.
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    I am home sick. I have been home sick for a few days now. I got a sore throat and I can't ... eat anything and get it down. LOL. I took a Tylenol and it was stuck in there for a day, not helping the pain or the fever. So, I made a peanut butter sandwich thinking it would unstick it, then, while chewing it, I thought, " what if the sandwich gets stuck," I will become a skinny Mama Cass. Did that really happen to her? I hope not. She was a great singer.

    I rented the movie, The Caller. Save your $! I want my money back. I am going to wait on the new movie, The Zookeeper.

    ... the pill plus, sandwich went down, but, the movie put me to sleep. It was really stupid.
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    The best movie in the entire world is an Italian movie (with English subtitles) called 'Life is Beautiful'.

    America has also made some reasonably good movies like 'the Green Mile' and 'the Shawshank Redemption'.

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    Yes, a friend bought me that movie. He was a great man to do what he did for his son. For anyone who hasn't seen it, and you don't mind crying, it is a definite must see. He was amazing.

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    life is beautiful Movie Synopsis
    In 1939, Guido (Roberto Benigni) — an enchanting individual with childlike innocence and grand dreams of owning his own bookstore comes to the Tuscan town of Arezzo. He falls in love with Dora, a beautiful young schoolteacher (Nicoletta Braschi). Unfortunately, the woman he calls his “Princess” is already engaged. Worse, she is engaged to the local Fascist official with whom he has had a run-in. Guido, however, is not deterred and a fairy tale romance ensues.

    Several years later Guido and Dora are married and have a son, and Guido has finally opened the bookshop of his dreams. But now, the occasional bigotries Guido once ignored have become Racial Laws with which he must come to terms. Throughout it all, he determines to shield his son from the brutal reality governing their lives. This determination becomes a matter of life and death when Guido and his son are sent to a concentration camp three months before the war’s end. Of her own accord, and out of her love for them, Dora deports herself on the same train.

    Now, in this unimaginable world, Guido must use his bold imagination and every ounce of his indefatigable spirit to save those he loves.

    Life is Beautiful received seven Academy Award nominations, winning three for Best Actor, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Original Dramatic Score.

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    I want to someday get married in Anzio.

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    I must drifted off on that thought... lol, while reading the menu for choice of movies, I can watch, either, HotTub Time Machine or The Hearse.

    wow, I dont which to pick. I think reading Ian's corner will be better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Gills View Post
    The best movie in the entire world is an Italian movie (with English subtitles) called 'Life is Beautiful'.

    America has also made some reasonably good movies like 'the Green Mile' and 'the Shawshank Redemption'.

    DEFIANCE - one of the all time great true stories, very fair to the 2 or 3 books written on the subject of the only viable Jewish resistance in nowadays Belarus, then Poland. Read the book first or you might not believe it at all.

    And don't forget Love and Death and Annie Hall by Woody Allen, amongst many others - including his latest set in England.

    Shawshank is an all time great, but if you have a 6 year old son, its too hard to watch life is beautiful more than once.

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    Shawshank is one of my son's favorite. I loved Annie Hall.

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    Alright, I got another movie for you. This one is another tearjerker but, wonderfully made and, will make you, "not ever forget."

    Sarah's Key.

    "Sometimes our own stories are the ones we can never tell, but if the story is never told it becomes something else, forgotten...and, when a story is told, it becomes something else, it is not forgotten, the memory of who we were, the hope of what we can become."

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