Hello! I'm happy I found this site and I hope you can help me out. I have a Technetic 1050 green sand potassium permanganate filtration system on my homes water system that was built in 1999. My problem is I'm not sure if it's drawing the pp or not. The level always seems to be the same throughout the regen cycle.

I cleaned the injector (it was plugged) and the screen (it wasn't plugged but it was discolored). I have also checked the float in the pp tank and it seems like it is working correctly (it is similar to this: http://www.softenerparts.com/PhotoGa...uctCode=BP1002).

A few questions I have... One is my air check system on the pump head is missing the ball. I'm not sure if this is correct or not as the float has a check ball in it for air. Is this correct? Or should I get a replacement air check system for the head (mine looks similar to this: http://www.softenerparts.com/Air_Che...p1032416.htm)?

Two I have sat through the regen cycle and watched the pp tank and it doesn't look like the level changes at all. I figure at some point it should draw it out and refill it. Again it looks like the float is working properly. I removed it from the tank and checked for motion. It will move just enough to open at the bottom. Is this correct?

Three what else can I check? The injector was completely blocked before I cleaned it and I'm wondering if something else is in the system that I can check for blockage.

Thanks for reading and please give me some advise! My water has a bit of sulphur odor to it and I think it is because the pp isn't cleaning the green sand filter properly.