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Thread: America's discrimination against fat people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry View Post
    My mother drove fine until she was 93.
    Sort of.
    Mine is doing fine at 82. If you see a silver Buick Century going 48 mph in the left lane with its turn signal permanently flashing, please give her a waive.

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    Default Things you can do in your 90's


    Steve Jobs had a great sense of what hardware and software could do. My mother, in her 90s, can use her Apple laptop and tablet to check her Facebook page. I know countless people who were both terrible or great at the geekier side of computing that fell in love with Apple's products, and benefited greatly from Jobs ability to design and make products that were both more powerful and easier to use at the same time. That said, it was not clear what his longer run vision was for society, other than to sell us more Apple products.
    James Love

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