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Thread: Underground conduit and pull-box questions

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    And when they use gray PVC conduit in a plumbing system it becomes a water or drain line. I was also referring to when I was in Chicago and Michigan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ballvalve View Post
    When some clown puts wires in an abs pipe it becomes conduit.
    No, it is still a plumbing pipe with electrical conductors and an illegal installation

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    I'm not doing this because of the broken conduit/pipe. It's in the way of excavating I'm doing next to and behind the garage to create level parking and vehicle storage so my stuff is parked outta sight and not right in front of the garage. Pretty much everything on this property needs to be redone.

    So, when the wire comes into the pull box and then out in the conduit going under the house how deep does it need to be in the pull box? I was told that the conduit should angle up at 45 degrees so the the wire clears the lip of the box when pulling it.


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    No less than 24 inches but most service conductors are 36 inches deep.
    Bring the conductors out of the pull box using a 90 degree bend not a 45.

    The splice must be an underground splice and can be made without the box
    300.5(E) Splices and Taps. Direct-buried conductors or cables shall be permitted to be spliced or tapped without the use of splice boxes. The splices or taps shall be made in accordance with 110.14(B).


    As I was entering mile three on the treadmill I had a thought, if the service is at the street then these conductors are not service conductors but feeders and are without a doubt under the NEC.

    This means that when the inspector looks at them they will have to be in PVC and not ABS. You may be opening a can of worms that will end up costing a lot of money.
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