I just purchased a house (was a foreclosure, so it sat vacant for awhile), and am learning all about the water system.

It has a Well Pump, Pressure Tank, Soda Ash injector, Green Sand Filter, then the Softener. The Water treatment systems are all ClearWater and are 10 years old.

I got everything all cleaned up and working, except for one issue with the green sand filter. It was not pulling from the brine tank during the regeneration cycle. I took everything apart on the system and cleaned it, the injector in the head of the filter, and the float mechanism in the brine tank. Now it pulls about 1 1/2 - 2 inches out of the brine tank during the cycle. I thought that was good, but the refill cycle fills it more than it takes. So it is overflowing. I looked closer during the pulling out cycle, and it pulled about the first half of the cycle, then it didn't for the second half. Nothing on the timer changed, so I don't know why that happened.

Any ideas?