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    What do you think about a 2004, Elantra, 48,000 miles, original miles, beautiful condition, just inspected, a 9/2012 sticker,new front brakes, new oil change and lube, good tires for 6,500.00. Back light has a crack, but, white is not showing through. It belonged to an 87 year old woman, whose husband was in the military now got alzheimers, and neither drives anymore. It is an automatic.

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    Sounds great. And it's not American which is a definite plus.

    I like the mileage. Towards 100,000 miles you get maintenance issues like timing belts and water pumps but you are well off that.

    A new tail light is a cheap fix.

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    lol. Okay... I think it sounds great, too. Yes, timing belts, not a cheap fix depending on how far down they are buried. My son bought the car! It is his first one he ever bought. He is excited. But, the private owner, the 87 year old woman wouldn't give this kid a break, ( like most do with the sales tax) he had to pay the 500 bucks for it. Well, he said, " at least it is the legal thing to do mom." I like this kid. That lady should thank her stars to be alive that old and been a nice old lady and give a kid a break. Oh, well. He got a great car. I will get his back light thing fixed for him. This is the first one he paid for, I gave him my sebring, gave my other son my jeep, now, I get my sebring back, lol. It is hard to show houses when you tell them, " pick me up." AND, I will show you that house. ( only kidding.) It does save on gas though. Not good for sales though, lol.

    He already has his St. Christopher in it. Son like mom.
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