My 12 year old culligan silver was not softening. In the diagnostics noticed it has not regenerated for 99
days and the soft-minder is indicating no flow with a tap wide open -no it is not in bypass. I accesed the
turbine and if I blow on it it registers up to 12. Crazy thing is as soon as I hook it up and open bypass
And a tap no flow is indicated. The metal shaft running through the turbine was able to slide fairly easily
So I glue it thinking turbine may be getting pushed back and binding on housing but made no difference.
Is it possible I have electronics issue ie. Not enough voltage to magnetic sensor and so not strong
enough to measure through water? I also cleaned the turbine, ran water through with it openned
Up incase there was any debris in plumbing binding impeller. Tried turning impeller around the other way
Which made no difference- does direction matter? Only difference seems to be the tiny plastic tabs
Sticking out of the magnet holders. Really would appreciate your expertise. Thanks, Geoff.