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Thread: Nozzle that provides nozzle head coverage - and pressure regulator

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    Default Nozzle that provides nozzle head coverage - and pressure regulator

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to take care of a side strip area where I still have Toro 570 heads on the lawn. However I am seeing the previous installation didn't set the head locations apart equally, so it's hard to provide head-to-head coverage unless there's overspray.

    I wonder if anyone knows any nozzles that provide nozzle head coverage--so I don't have to have 100% head-to-head coverage?

    It seems to me rotary nozzles do provide nozzle head coverage, but don't know if any other kinds of nozzles have this feature also.

    Also there's a zone where I'd need to reduce water pressure like 10 psi so keep the coverage right. I wonder if anyone knows a kind of pressure regulator that can provide fine adjustment.

    It's an existing area, so I'm looking to see if there's a regulator where I can install @ the valve for that zone--without redoing any piping or changing out all the existing sprinkler heads.

    The valve on the zone is an Orbit automatic sprinkler siphon valve (not inline).

    There is a Rainbird PRS-Dial regulator, but it requires at least 15 psi higher pressure @ the inlet.


    Not sure if this means a min. drop of 15 psi @ the outlet? If anyone knows there's a different one that requires less inlet pressure difference (10 psi difference instead) that'd be great.

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    Spray heads provide maximum coverage closest to the nozzle, and less as you get farther away. Head-to-head coverage is used to compensate for this effect. Overspray isn't usually a problem, it's underspray that is. Can you elaborate on the problem...it's not very clear what you're asking.

    10 PSI would not be able to pop up your heads, you would have to use fixed heads. How do you know you need 10 PSI? Sounds like you are guessing and could be way off. Better to use Toro Precision Spray Nozzles which tolerate anywhere from 20-50 PSI and have an adjustment screw for up to 25% radius reduction.

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    quote; Spray heads provide maximum coverage closest to the nozzle,

    Because they spray in an arc, the area near the head can get almost ZERO coverage unless there is some "spatter" at the nozzle, which is why the ideal is to allow the adjacent heads to water that area. The only "regulator" you could install at the valve or head would be a "drip system" unit assuming you used one with adequate volume capacity.
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    Not correct. Major manufactures (Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, Etc..) have been making pressure regulated spray bodies for some time as well as pressure regulators that attach to the valve that can be custom set for the optimum downstream pressure...

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