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Thread: Nozzle that provides nozzle head coverage - and pressure regulator

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    Default Nozzle that provides nozzle head coverage - and pressure regulator

    Hi there,

    I'm looking to take care of a side strip area where I still have Toro 570 heads on the lawn. However I am seeing the previous installation didn't set the head locations apart equally, so it's hard to provide head-to-head coverage unless there's overspray.

    I wonder if anyone knows any nozzles that provide nozzle head coverage--so I don't have to have 100% head-to-head coverage?

    It seems to me rotary nozzles do provide nozzle head coverage, but don't know if any other kinds of nozzles have this feature also.

    Also there's a zone where I'd need to reduce water pressure like 10 psi so keep the coverage right. I wonder if anyone knows a kind of pressure regulator that can provide fine adjustment.

    It's an existing area, so I'm looking to see if there's a regulator where I can install @ the valve for that zone--without redoing any piping or changing out all the existing sprinkler heads.

    The valve on the zone is an Orbit automatic sprinkler siphon valve (not inline).

    There is a Rainbird PRS-Dial regulator, but it requires at least 15 psi higher pressure @ the inlet.


    Not sure if this means a min. drop of 15 psi @ the outlet? If anyone knows there's a different one that requires less inlet pressure difference (10 psi difference instead) that'd be great.

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