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Thread: What test is required to do plumbing in Harrisburg PA?

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    Default What test is required to do plumbing in Harrisburg PA?

    I am in negotiations to purchase an apartment building in the city limits of Harrisburg, PA. I have owned and operated my own construction company an hour north of the city and we have plumbed, wired and built homes for 20 years but I am told I can not do any plumbing or wiring on my own building unless I am a licensed electrician and licensed plumber. Where do I take these tests and what is involved? Does anyone know what the process is?

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    You will have better luck getting an answer to this if you contact the local authorities on the licensing requirements.

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    In most cases you have to pass a proficiency test, AND show an extensive employment history in each of those trades. Here it is four years, substantiated with either affidavits from previous employers or payroll stubs.
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