Hello everyone,

We are renting a cool old Doris Day house (built 1960). Fixing the place up is part of our rental agreement--the owner has some budget but there's not a ton of available cash and quite a lot of work to do.

Unfortunately, the utilities were turned off last winter, and the tank of the old American Standard 4040 74 (white, wall-mounted) has a large crack in it. The bowl holds water, so we're assuming it is ok.

In a perfect world, we would replace the tank, but according to American Standard, the 4040 74 tank has not been made since 1993, and they don't have a suggested replacement. I found a couple online, but none in white, and even the colored ones were $600-$900!

I quickly realized that there are not many wall-mounted toilets out there anymore.

I thought about the Glenwall, but it sticks out pretty far, and there wouldn't be much knee room between the front of the toilet and the cabinetry opposite the toilet.

The Rexmont (Rexmount?) by Crane doesn't stick out as far but it seems like a lot of money to pay for a toilet that has been described as "something to cover the hole in the wall."

Does anyone have other suggestions? Epoxy the crack? Some sort of plastic liner? A big garbage bag taped to the inside of the tank? Obviously, I'm open to ideas. Thanks for any thoughts....