I had a new gas water heater installed about 6 months ago, Lochnivar LTN040G. This is at a house that is only being used about half the year. I turned the thermostat down to Vacation when no one was living there, but noticed that the water at the tap is still very hot (It hurts to even put my hand under it for less than a second). The plumber who installed it came right out and changed the gas valve in case that was the problem. It still gets very hot. If I fill the tub for example, and use all the hot water in the tank, the burner doesn't come on if on Vacation setting. A day or two later, the water is very hot again. If I set the thermostat to a medium temperature, the thermostat seems to work properly if the hot water is being used daily. If I leave it unused for a day or two, again it gets too hot.

We have a 2 year-old and I am concerned with the water at the tap being so hot. Is it possible that the pilot alone is able to heat up the water so much? Is this normal behavior? I used to have a heater that kept the water relatively cool on the vacation setting and thought this was normal.