Just looking at Panasonic vent fans for a bathroom remodel.

Found a interesting review over at Amazon...I'd figure I'd check in with ya'll
What vent fans have you guys worked with & or any experience with the Panasonic units..

Cut-N-Past Review Here

Be careful here!

This unit has an outlet duct of 5 19/32" which DOES NOT match any standard ductwork.

I ended up using 6" flex duct that was crimped down to the outlet duct via a 6" clamp but that's hardly professional.

I suppose this unit is designed for a market other than the USA.

The electrical outlet box is mounted (tack welded) directly on top of the housing flange which means you must cut a sheetrock opening

that will compensate for this outlet box dimension. (otherwise the outlet box would come in direct contact with the ceiling sheetrock).

You will then have to purchase a 6" to 4" duct adapter if using as a replacement and exhausting via the roof or soffit. Again not ideal for air flow.

The unit is very quiet but look for a unit with a more standardised dimension otherwise, you will vastly complicate your install.