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Thread: Water softener advice

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    According to this page - http://www.qualitywaterassociates.co...izingchart.htm and the plumbing code constant SFR gpm sizing requirements on the internal link (http://www.qualitywaterassociates.co...umbingcode.pdf), I need a water softener with a flow rate of 22 gallons per minute.

    According to this page - http://www.qualitywaterassociates.com/sizing.php, my daily grains of capacity needed is 5720 or 45760 is the total grains of capacity I need for approximately once per week regeneration with a 24 hr reserve. And finally, 2.5 is the minimum cubic foot size of softener required for your capacity needs.

    Now that I know this, and knowing the Clack WS-1 CS is a great way to go, but can’t get it online, what is my next best option? In tend to do stuff myself and enjoy it. I could build a unit if that is a better way to go. Or, is it better to by a complete unit? I tend to think it would better to go the complete unit cost wise.

    In any event, what is everyone’s opinions?
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    I sent you a private message. 22 gpm flow rate on a house is a lot. Are you on city water or well?

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    You would program for the next higher K of capacity but, with a Clack WS-1 you don't need a 24 hr reserve because of its variable brining.

    If the 22 gpm is as if you ran all fixtures at once, you'll never do that so figure out what fixtures you do run at the same time or are likely to in the future. If you have a large tub you can actually measure the gpm. For a multiple showerhead/body spray type shower, you count each head at 2.5 gpm. The main showerhead may be over 2.5 gpm.
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    Realistically, if I choose something like a Fleck 5600 SXT, I think I would be safe. Seeing it has a 20 GPM rating and realistically I am not going to turn on everything at once. Speaking of the above Fleck, is that an ok unit or is there something better I should be looking for?

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    The Fleck 7000 would be better for the flow rates that you are talking about.
    Standard 7000 has a peak flow of 27.7gpm and a back wash of 7.4gpm

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    Actually I think that is the continuous flow and the peak is 35.8 (http://www.qualitywatertreatment.com...Spec_Sheet.pdf) . The 5600 has a continuous of 20 and a peak of 26 (http://www.qualitywatertreatment.com...et%2042749.pdf). That is why I was thinking the 5600 is fine. I guess my question is if the water flow goes past continuous and approaches peak, does that mean it is not being fully "softened"? If that is the case, I will bump it up to that to cover myself.

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