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Thread: Blown- in fiberglass roof insulation

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    Default Blown- in fiberglass roof insulation

    My condo building building is getting a new roof with blown-in fiberglass insulation. We live on the top floor and have a 3 1/2 month old baby at home. Should we be concerned about our baby's health?

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    If you have recessed lights that are not air-tight or other ceiling penetrations, maybe. (It's important for YOUR health too.) It kinda depends on what happens when you run the exhaust fans or other equipment- if it's pulling air through penetrations in the ceiling level, there will be micro-particles in the air. Air-sealing the ceiling can usually rectify those issues, but there are better ways/material to insulate a roof.

    Using cellulose with only borate (no sulfates) fire retardents will usually outperform open-blow fiberglass rated R-for-R, since it's insulation value is fairly constant, whereas low density f.g. loses R at the temperature extremes. But to make real recommendations would require more info about the roof structure & load ratings, etc.

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