I currently have a Weil Mclain boiler that is about 20+ years old, but unfortunately it has a leaky exchanger. I want to replace this OIL burner boiler, but not sure if I would stay OIL or go LP (no nat gas where I'm at). Here are a few questions I have.....

First some info....

House is roughly 900 square feet, 1.5 stories. Cast Rads on both floors (total of 5 rads), one zone. I think the boiler is currently 160,000 BTU's (which seems to be too much). Hot water boiler, not steam. Currently have domestic coil.

1.) I have been kicking around going to LP but the cost of LP and Oil are about the same when you think of the BTU difference, however, in my case I think maybe I can get away with 100,000 BTU's or so instead of having 160,000 BTU's for this small house?

2.) It's getting a bit late in the year for doing a complete swap out to LP as I would have to get a tank, or two, run the line, etc.... Should I just put in a used OIL boiler for now? I see a lot of used ones around (some being only 10years old) for around 500.00. They mostly were replaced because people went to NatGas or LP.

3.) Can I exhaust an LP boiler out thru my chimney? The chimney is about 18 - 20 ft high.

4.) Anyone know about any rebates going on for OIL or LP installs?

I think that about does it for now.