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Thread: Whirlpool Flame Lock water heaters, reviews, troubleshooting, repair and support.

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    reading the settlement claim form they want to make us pay for any shipping charges, what a crock! a defective part and we have to pay shipping!!!

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    I want to thank you guys for the information in this thread.

    Last Sunday I got back from a week's vacation, and was welcomed by...NO HOT WATER!!! Oh well, I'm one of the lucky ones, as my Whirlpool FlameLock water heater worked for two years, eight months before the thermocouple threw in the towel.

    I ended up shelling out $24 for overnight delivery of the "Manifold Door Switch Kit" (part number 6910813); however, I did NOT get the wraparound filters to go around the bottom of the unit. I agree with others that it's kind of stingy to charge shipping for this, but then again, the optimist in me is happy that a great deal of my water heater is now brand spankin' new.

    I'm a reasonably handy do-it-yourselfer, and ended up getting the kit installed in a little over 30 minutes, including the time it took to clean the air grate. However, it bears mentioning that I had taken out the old unit the day before to troubleshoot, so I had an idea of how things came out, and went back in. Fortunately, I'm handy and fairly limber...I couldn't imagine what an elderly or otherwise less-than-fit person would have done.

    Bottom line is that I'm glad to have this fix in place, but I wonder how long things will STAY fixed. Guess I'll end up changing this tank out to a Bradford White if it happens again.

    Thanks again for the posts guys...it really made my task MUCH easier, and I'm back to taking HOT showers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cass
    When you go to put the filter around the heater, over lap it and instead of trying to snap it together and pulling your hair out trying, just take a drywall screw or 2 and screw it through both filters and it will hold fine.

    It also makes it easy to remove so you can clean the air intake that you can't get to to clean.
    Good tip. I had a heard time putting on the wrap around filter. I unfortunetly installed on about a month an half ago. Sucks to be me.

    So far no problems.


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    Ok Guys,

    I just picked up one of these units at LOW*S Yesterday and got the display for more than 50% off. I figured I got nothing to loose and before I install I called the hotline and ordered the conversion kit and the filter that wraps around the unit. To make access easier, I am going to put it on 2" blocks so I can go underneath and clean the screen once in a while. I was looking at the screen and noticed that it was about the size of a filter that you would find on a stove hood or microwave hood. I am thinking I might mount one of those as a pre-filter and see how that works before I take off the viewing window. I figure I have nothing to loose since I purchased the thing for $150 bucks, I should get $150 of hot water out of it!!
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    Talking Dont bet on it.....

    Quote Originally Posted by techboy
    Ok Guys,

    I figure I have nothing to loose since I purchased the thing for $150 bucks, I should get $150 of hot water out of it!!
    I like that settlement aagreement that they reached with
    the consumers..... its nothing but a joke.....

    as far as your heater goes......if you are selling your house in less than an year from now.....and you only paid $150

    you will probably be ok. Anything more than about 1 /2 years you will have troubles

    I wonder what brand LOW*S is going to switch to next??http://www.weilhammerplumbing.com/galleryiii/

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    I've looked at the screen on the bottom of this water heater(B model-new).
    I haven't seen a picture of the new wrap around filter.
    Anybody got one?

    What does the screen/filter/intake of the Bradford White look like?

    It seems to me, that if new wrap around filter is securely installed, and fits tight to floor and heater, there would be no need for the existing screen.
    Maybe just an adjustment to the size of the slots in the existing screen would be necessary.

    I can't see the purpose of such a small slot, 1/64 x 7/32.
    (Catching rust from above?)


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    My hot water heater gave up a couple of weeks ago & I was in a hurry, so I ran to LOW*s and picked one up with out doing any research. You guessed it, picked up the Whirlpool Flame Lock. So, from the get-go, I have had problems with the pilot going out because when the furnace kicks on, it robs the hwh of enough air (small opening that has been described/never had this problem with the old one). Now tonight, I have already had to replace the thermal couple.

    So my question is, has anyone tried to return one of these to LOW*s? Did they take it back? I mean really, it doesn't work, so they should accept it as a return. I don't want to uninstall it & haul it there if they are going to refuse. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.

    As you can see, this is my first post even though I've been roaming the site for some time, appreciate all the great advice on here.
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    Talking take it back

    I have had a couple of peope raise hell
    and they usaully will takeit back...

    one lawyer had me take the 50 gal gas back to the front
    door of Low*s for them when I changed out the heater
    and then they threaten the manager of LOw*s to leave it there....

    it really depends on how nasty you can be-have....

    their is one fellow in town that actually took his water
    heater and put it in the back of his pick up truck and put a
    sign above it calling it a lemon and piece of junk

    and then parked it near a Low*s entrance..

    the sad thing about Low*s is that they are fully aware of
    the class action lawsuit but simply dont care...
    and keep dumping this junk on their customers..

    they have also stopped carrying the repair parts due to
    the liability and the agreement in the lawsuit.

    Its a cheesey way to do people


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    I figured I would just raise hell with the manager. I can usually get pretty upset & cause a scene.

    Next is to figure out what to get. I'd get a Bradford, but I plan on installing myself. I'll figure out what to get & try to take it back this weekend.



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    Default Settlement from WHIRLPOOL!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by master plumber mark View Post
    I am presently repairing about 2 -5 of these dogs a month...
    for an average of $200 with me supplying parts

    go look at my web page to see what is wrong
    with this brand of water heater.......

    you got to clean the bottom of the heater screen
    or all your troubles are in vain.........

    These units need to be cleaned about 3 times a year
    becasue they suck up lint and hair like a vaccuum sweeper...

    its all there with actual pics of the problem.....

    just scroll down to the WHIRLPOOL SECTION
    with pictures
    and its all there for the world to see


    the people -that desigend this water heater at
    totally incompetent morons......

    someone, someday, is going to get seriously burned or killed
    tampering with this brand themsleves

    and then their will be a major RECALL, and LAWSUIT
    who makes this piece of JUNK gets the pants
    sued off of all of them..
    for still selling them to an unsuspecting public...

    (for about $100 dollars less than I can put a good one in for)

    I am makeing pretty good money repairing them every week,
    but I would rather seem them re-called and taken off the market
    I have the same waterheater and called whirlpool warranty 877 # on the side of the tank. The recording stated something about the FG models....it informed me to go to website www.waterheatersettlement.com

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    I'm glad I caught this forum. I had purchased one of these water heaters and it was to be installed today. I went back to Low*s and cancelled it for a full refund. It also looks like the class action suite only covers 2000-2006 purchases, but it doesn't appear they have ever fixed most of the problems so would be out of luck.

    I should have known something when the warranty on parts was 12 years, but the warranty on labor was only 1 year. Extending the labor warranty cost $79 more. At least HD includes the full labor warranty, but I'm not sure their models are much better.
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    Default Whirlpool Flame Lock water heaters

    Yes, I also have a 50 gal Whirlpool water heater series number starting with "FG"; guess what? Trying to replace the water heater's control box, I neither have hot water nor running water! The inept plumber Low*'s sent to install my water heater used a defective faucet.
    It is very sad that American products such as the ones from 'American Water Heaters' [(800) 999-9515] ultimately result in distrust of what we produce in America. It is also scarry to think that outside America everyone may distrust "Made in the USA"...
    I am now in a crusade to discourage people to buy Whirlpool and Lowe's products. I am looking now for a good Japaness or German water heater which I plan to install myself.
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    Default What's hilarious

    Is I told somebody that had a low*s water heater that they'll most likely won't get parts for it, that they are notorious for failure and sure enough....

    He went out and bought another brand of heater.

    Put it in 2 nights ago, had hot water before I even left. He took the water heater back and got a sizeable return......even though it was 3 years old.

    I think they might be doing this more often than not to show proof when the big lawsuit comes that they were working with the customer in the situation of bad product.
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    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    If they won't refund I say give it back to them through thir front window and call it customer satisfaction!

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    Low*s policy is they will take back anything they sell any time, period.

    If you have the receipt they will refund the $$$ if you don't have a receipt they will issue a store credit.

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