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    24 to 0 ? What happened?

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    If you are talking about my Seahawks, the the answer is still

    "What happened?"

    I'll be at the game next week to cheer them on though. We have a bit of a quarterback controversy here in Seattle.
    Our backup that was with the team last year has been looking very good. The one we're going with hasn't looked good to anyone yet.
    The starting quarterback we had last year just threw 358 yards for Tennessee. But who knows, we may get a good draft pick next year if this keeps keeping on.

    Our other football team
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    Yeah, that is it. What happened? Wow...I was at work (2 places) scary radio place and then, an open house. I have no idea why but the other store managers were calling asking me the score to the point I was getting annoyed. I guess cause I have that scary radio, lol.

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