The drain leading from the kitchen sink is under a slab and is broken about ten feet from the sink. To avoid the cost and mess of jackhammering the slab and tearing up a nice new slate floor, I thought I might make a temporary fix as follows, at least until I gather the cash and courage to rip out the new flooring. There's a bathroom drain about eight feet away and I was thinking I ought to be able to connect the kitchen sink drain to the bathroom sink drain the same way two sinks are connected in a bathroom. I don't doubt this is a code violation for some reason, maybe because the kitchen drain pipe is larger than the bath drain pipe? The pipes leading from the traps into the wall for both sinks is the same size so the issue would be further downstream.

I can provide a small slope to the connecting pipe, both traps would remain and I could also vent it if necessary. Is this idea feasible?
Thanks, Dave