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Thread: Toilet seat recommendations for Toto

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    Default Toilet seat recommendations for Toto

    Have 2 Eco Drake II by Toto... wondering if we should definitely get the Toto seats or does it not matter much? Is there a favorite? Soft-close seems nice any drawback besides price? What about materials? Plastic or laminated wood or what?

    Brand and model recommendations, if you please.

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    Some people love the Toto seats, some hate them. There is more than one model of Toto seat that will fit that have slightly different seat profiles. They are not flat, so they tend to force you to sit in the center of the thing...some like to perch on the front of it, and if you're one of those, it will not be comfortable. Now, my doctor says you should never sit on the seat for more than 3-minutes as it puts pressure in places that really shouldn't have it, so using that, I find mine are fine. There's a thread here about a few people that have had the soft closing mechanism stop working (which makes it a 'normal' closing seat). My oldest one is about 10-years old and still works fine.

    Other manufacturer's seats will fit, but they may not match the contour or color exactly. The Toto seat essentially is even with the porcelain. Some others may overhang it, which isn't really a big deal to many. The only other company that makes a soft-close seat I'm aware of is Bemis. They also have a feature that lets you quickly remove it for a thorough cleaning.
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    The Toto seats fit better and color match better.
    Most of my customers in the Seattle area are getting the SS114 for the elongated bowls and the SS113 for the round.
    The CST454CEFG Drake II takes the SS114
    The old seats used to be dished, however the new seats are pretty flat, more like the other seats that you see.
    They have been holding up very well. I think it's a mistake to put a different brand on the Toto.
    I do sell the builder grade painted wood seats for those people that can't get over spending money on a product that lasts longer, stays cleaner, and matches better.

    If you don't care about matching the color, there are always the home center seats.

    The new new SS114 on the Aquia CST412MF
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