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Thread: How do you disconnect Tub filler with diverter spout

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    Default How do you disconnect Tub filler with diverter spout

    I believe I have a Delta tub filler, (spout with diverter). The diverter is activated with a pull down motion at the filler end. My tub takes forever to fill so I would like to remove the tub filler to clean it out. But I can't see how to remove it. Could someone please tell me do I have to unscrew it directly from the wall. I had this problem on all my taps in the house. It is a new house and they have installed some kind of little screen device which got plugged up with little pieces of white crap. So I think the tub has the same problem. So how do I disconnect this stupid thing.

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    It just spins off the wall.


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    I'd be surprised if the spout was clogged. The control valve could be and you might not notice reduced flow to the shower since the head is restricted already. But, once it is off, you should be able to turn the water on and check the flow. YOu might want to first take a bucket and a watch and see how long it takes to fill up as the actual flow rate is hard to judge with the spout on and off. Then, measure it again with the spout off.

    There's another possibility, they may have used the smaller outlet for the tub and the bigger one for the shower.
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