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Thread: Tub/Shower Sliding Door Leak

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    Default Tub/Shower Sliding Door Leak

    I am hoping someone here might be able to help me identify a solution for a leak I have related to my tub/shower sliding door. The problem that I see is that when the shower runs, water sprays onto the doors, falls down the doors onto the tracks/rails, and the collects at the intersection of where the bottom track meets the side jamb. At the intersection, my side jamb (which does not have a flat surface against the wall, but has a squared off enclosure which leaves an inner cavity) has a hole at the bottom and a substantial amount of water gets inside that cavity through that hole. Once inside, the water drips between the tub and the tile wall and ends up leaking through to the basement/subfloor.

    I didn't install this sliding door originally, but I've been reading other guides to try to better understand how these are supposed to be installed. My understanding is that you are supposed to caulk the inside and outside of the side and bottom tracks, and also at the visible intersection of the bottom track and the side jamb.

    The end door has a cutout near the rail to allow draining at one end of the tub, but it does not seem 100% effective, as water seems to be also going into the hole in the side jamb. I've attached a picture below, which shows the side jamb removed at the moment to get a clearer view:

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    What is the function of this hole? My best guess is that it's a drain if water somehow gets trapped in the cavity behind the wall jamb. Can I close it off? If so, do I need to worry about still water getting trapped behind the cavity?

    Also, I want to protect that two inch gap underneath behind the side jamb with caulk, but I don't get the impression you're supposed to caulk that area based on the instructions I've read. I am assuming that the side jamb may not lay flush against the corner if there is caulk there. How do I prevent water from getting in there?

    Can anyone give me some advice as to what I should do prevent water from getting in there and leaking?

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