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    Q: "How did the Narmada Valley form ?"
    Brahmin wrote to a hotel, "Can I stay with my parrot ?"

    The hotel owner wrote back: " I have never had to call the polie to get an unruly parrot out, I have never found towels inside a parrot's suitcases, I have never found ashes in a heap on the floor after a parot has stayed in my hotel. I have never had a parrot waking up all the guests early in the morning by loudly chanting Vedic mantras.
    Yes, your parrot is welcome.

    PS. If he can vouch for you, I shall also permit you to stay."

    A Brahmin goes to the countryside. Astonished to see a cow with no horns, he asks the Yadav, ' Why does this cow have no horns ?'
    The Yadav replies, ' Some cows don't have horns because they never get them, others lost them in fights, and others do not get them because of some disease. This cow does not have horns because its a horse.'


    A Brahmin and a Rajput share the same compartment in a train. Early in the morning the Brahmin chants a loud mantra, which angers a Rajput who is trying to continue sleeping. He asks the Brahmin,
    "Hey, Pandoo [ slang for Pandit ], why do you keep shouting ?"
    "It keeps elephants away," replied the Brahmin.
    "But there are no elephants here for thosands of miles. Besides, no elephant could ever get into this train," said the Rajput.
    "See how effective it IS"

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    Chinese restaurant joke

    A single Chinese man owns a Chinese restaurant, and one day a beautiful Chinese woman walks in. He immediately walks over and asks her out on a date. She agrees. They go out for a while, and soon, the man proposes to her. She says "Yes, but before we do, there`s something you must know. I have never had the sex, but I`ve read about it." He says that it`s not a problem, and they are married. On their honeymoon, the man tells his wife that since she`s a virgin, she can choose what they do first. She says "Oh, most honorable husband. I am honored to be your wife, even though I have never had the sex, but I`ve read about it. So, I have chosen to have the 69. The husband looks confused, and after thinking about it, he says "You want.. the beef and broccoli?"
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    Boy: Dad, how did you and mom meet.
    Dad: Well son, I and my friend Chuck went to a bar and there I saw your Mom. I and Chuck had a bet on whoever is going to ask her out wins.
    Boy: Then, what happened?
    Dad: Well son, I lost and he won ever since the day I won the bet.

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