Ok I am having an issue with hard water getting past my water softener. I have a Clack WS1 with the Clack Bypass. Riser tube is flush with the tank threads, 1.05" tube size, and the seal on the bottom basket appears bonded well. I do have a top basket as well.

At the faucet I have about 15 hardness and from a hose outside I have a hardness of 25 hardness. I decided to verify my water was truly soft by going straight to the source. Over the weekend I drained the resin tank and sampled the water at the bottom. Tested perfectly, 0 hardness. I reseated the riser tube by attaching a garden hose and pumping it full of water while pushing it down.

So it looks like some how hard water is mixing with the soft water. From what I have read here, the possibilities would be either the bypass or the valve itself. The bypass did leak a bit on top where the handle/arrows are, but that leak stopped within a few hours. Does anybody have tips of how to verify which one is leaking the hard water? I do not want to RMA the wrong part, just to turn around and RMA the correct one.